Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dear Love,

He walked into the room
my eyes glued on to him.
He was like the perfect eye candy
Sexy and Shirtless to me
eyes watered words
I played it cool
I never make the first move.

Hi my name is Chris
Lila: Nice to meet you.
Chris: My friend mike says he goes to college with you ... You’re very beautiful and would love to get to know you. I’m leaving this party, I have work in the morning. However, here is my card ... we should have lunch soon.

A few weeks passed.
Our relationship blossomed like a teenage metal band
He---went straight for my heart; stole a precious jewel
He---said all the right things at the right times.
My wisdom and wittedness went out the door.
I was comfortable
showed him, my softest spots and created a flawless image of him.
Not realizing how much sex changes the dynamics of relationships.
I began to make “us” too much of what barely existed outside of the bedroom.

I wanted him; needed him.
around and inside me, at exactly the right moments.
I held on extra tight and he bolted away from me

Fed so much into him.
I was at a place I didn’t know why.
I found myself alone and confused in a corner
Could’ve died and been reincarnated with the wounds.
They cut so deep
Couldn’t recognize me
Couldn’t see deeper into me

Maybe if I slept with patience before I met Mr. scrumptious
love could’ve unwind its self and played soft melodies of sliding guitars and the songs of the ocean.
I learned through an abandon heart
Dear Love, I miss you ... or, so think I do.