Thursday, April 29, 2010


Being a musician, student, mother, or entrepreneur is not who we are but what we do. Many of us are not in tuned with our authentic selves. We are who the world has told us to be rather than who God has created us to be. Our society today reward conformity, and normal behaviors. Finding our true self has become an epidemic. A lot of the times we’re busy trying to fulfill the roles of our families rather than listening to ourselves and being conscious of our own self-talks. Awareness is the first step in creating process. Finding your authentic self means identifying your motives, emotions, and preferences. Learn to listen to your guts, stay in tune with your dreams & goals, express your true emotions and take risks in life. It’s a way to honor your self-development, improve your confidence and build your self-esteem. Your true self are the things that make you unique (strengths & weaknesses). A hunger for authenticity will guide you in every aspect of your life. Just allow people to accept you for who you are rather than carrying a heavy burden not feeling authentic.

Being authentically me, allows me to express my individuality and foster my growth. It enables me to follow my personal calling and to erase the layers of fear and guilt that have accumulated through the years.
By raising the burdens, healing the wounds and breaking the chains I become free. Free to enjoy the principle of being independent and self-reliant